Rental of construction equipment

The advantage of renting construction equipment is that the equipment can be used when necessary, which eliminates the cost of storage and maintenance of equipment, and also does not require large investments.


Dump truck

Gross vehicle weight, kg33000
Length, mm7550
Width, mm2500
Height, mm3200
Payload, kg20000

Iveco Trakker AD260T35

Loader crane

Gross vehicle weight, kg26000
Length, mm6500
Width, mm2550
Height, mm2600
Payload, kg8000
Boom Length, mm21000
Lifting capacity at full reach, kg300
Maximum boom lifting capacity, kg5500


Truck crane

Gross vehicle weight, kg27900
Length, mm12000
Width, mm2500
Height, mm3380
Payload, kg2500
Minimum working radius, mm3000
Lift height of the truck crane: main arrow, mm10200
All boom sections, mm 38500
All boom sections and extension, mm47000


Backhoe loader

Gross weight of the loader, kg7600
Length, mm5910
Width, mm2240
Height, mm3560
Front bucket capacity, m31
Digging Depth, m4.24 / 5.46

Komatsu WB97S-2

Backhoe loader

Operational weight with bucket and telescopic boom, kg8900
Width, mm2420
Height, mm3660
Width / height of the front bucket, mm2420 /940
Width / height of the front bucket 4 in 1 7, mm2420/1015
Width of backhoe, mm930
Front Bucket Capacity (SAE), m31,08
Backhoe Bucket Capacity (SAE), m30,2
Maximum torque N * m 375
Standard stick length, mm1850
Extended boom lifting capacity, kg< 1000