Metal structures buildings

Quickly-assembled buildings (QAB) made of steel with the use of SIN-beams in the form of load-bearing steel structures are the optimal solution for construction in the field of administrative, commercial, agricultural, storage and industrial facilities.

QAB meet the basic requirements of modern construction: high quality, while reducing the time for manufacturing and installation, reducing labor and money costs.

all-season work reduction of metal consumption automated manufacturing in the factory delivery in the maximum factory readiness bolt-free installation high speed of installation wide range of applications
production facilities sports and recreation complexes agricultural complexes logistics centers shopping and entertainment centers car dealerships, service stations

We will perform all kinds of work

We offer a full cycle for the implementation of complete prefabricated steel buildings using SIN-beams (corrugated beams) and welded I-beams in the form of load-carrying metal structures:

  • design
  • fabrication of metal frameworks
  • Manufacturing of enclosing structures and structures of overlapping
  • delivery and installation

We will check quality

The production of high profiled sheeting is carried out on the automatic line of the Austrian company ZEMAN, computer control ensures the geometrical accuracy of rolled profiles. All enclosing wall and coating structures are completed with additional elements (corners, slats, ridge) - sealing tapes and hardware.

Automated production

The production of the SIN-beam (corrugated beam) and the welded I-beam is performed on the robotic production line ZEMAN (Austria). The length of the welding mode selects a scanning device that takes into account the cutting defects, and issues a task to the welding heads of the robots, which provide a high welding speed, a complete weld, an excellent geometry and a high quality of the weld along its entire length. Before the priming and painting all the metal structures must be shot blasting the surface. This provides strength and reliable protection against corrosion.

We deliver directly to the construction site

On the construction site, the structures are delivered in the maximum factory readiness in the dimensions of road transport, primed and coated with anticorrosive polymer coating, directly ready for installation without welding. All mounting on bolted connection.

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